1. To start learning eSim, refer to the Spoken Tutorials on eSim.
  2. Click here to download completed eSim circuit simulations.
  3. Refer eSim and Ngspice manual for the features - Subcircuit Builder, Device Modeling, and Mixed-Signal Simulation.
  4. Refer to GHDL documentation here.
  5. Refer to Verilator, Makerchip, SandPiper SaaS, and TL-Verilog documentation by clicking on respective keywords.
  6. Examples of Mixed-Signal Simulation can be referred to here.
  7. Ngspice Commands
  8. The book on OsCAD (the previous version of eSim) can be found here.
  9. Examples of Circuits for the Mixed-Signal Simulation Marathon can be downloaded from here.
    Note: For Linux users, install and use unrar to extract the above rar file.
              To install unrar, type the following command in a terminal: sudo apt install unrar
  10. Resources for the Sky130 implementation in eSim are available here.
  11. Digital IP Libraries are available here.
  12. SKY130 Analog IP Libraries are available here.