This was my first internship in college, after the end of sophomore year. I had done a few college projects before but did not have any real-life experience of working on the development of a software which is being used by thousands of other people, this internship is that experience for me. Despite being a CSE student having no such prior experience in circuit designing and simulation. eSim EDA tool proved to be easy to understand software, which helped me to quickly understand it and begin with my internship tasks. My task included mainly solving bugs in software, increasing pins for subcircuit designing, handling of unknown components in simulation and most importantly a standalone eSim installer. The exposure to free and open-source software development helped me a lot in understanding the basic flow of software development which proved an advantage for me in later internships. The little bit of circuit designing and simulation I learned in limited time also developed an ability in me to learn new things fast and in limited time. The mentors were also very helpful and understanding, they listened to our problems and provided us with solutions in every possible way. Overall this internship is like a start for me in the world of software development from which I gathered a lot of good memories and learnings which I applied in my later internship and received good offers from companies.

- Mudit Joshi

FOSSEE Fellow 2018

My name is Akshay NH . During my third year of engineering at PES University , I entered a competition hosted by FOSSEE , IIT Bombay to work on an open source EDA software eSim . As a result of this I was selected for a fellowship opportunity at FOSSEE , IIT Bombay . This was an enriching experience as I gained a lot of technical knowledge in the field of EDA software . My project report was published in the official website of FOSSEE as well as on the official Github page which helped me validate and boost my resume . My experience helped me secure an internship through campus placements at Cadence Design Systems , which is one of the leading EDA companies in the world . Currently I have been admitted to North Carolina State University to complete my master's in the field of computer engineering . I would like to thank the eSim and FOSSEE team for providing the opportunity to help boost my career.

-Akshay N H

FOSSEE Fellow 2018

My name is Surya Vamsi and I have worked as an intern in the eSim project of FOSSEE in the year 2018. I had worked on the translation of the PSpice to KiCad parser from C++ to Python and also contributed to the Windows Installer of the eSim software. It was a great opportunity to work at FOSSEE as it really helped me get some hands-on Open-Source contribution. The mentors were so helpful throughout the internship tenure. This experience encouraged me in continuing my contributions to Open-Source Softwares. I would recommend FOSSEE to everyone who is interested in Open-Source software development.

- Surya Vamsi

Intern 2018

My internship at FOSSEE was a great learning experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. My tasks included fixing open issues in Kicad for eSim, and addressing open issues in eSim's core functionality as well. Not only did the experience let me apply my knowledge in programming and beyond, but it also gave me deep insights into how electronic circuitry is designed and reproduced. The close mentoring and assistance from Prof. Kannan and the eSim team was also a critical highlight of my experience. Most importantly, the internship provided me the valuable experience of working on an in-production software. This experience was vital in getting my very first job. Currently placed in Zauba Technologies as Software Development Engineer

- Ashutosh Gangwar

FOSSEE Fellow 2018

eSim has helped me in a lot of ways, both in technical aspects as well as management aspects. Surrounding the technical aspects, it helped me sharpen my python programming skills and learn a lot many supporting skills required for programming, such as using useful shell commands like - awk, find, and also using VCS systems efficiently with commands like git cherrypick, Sunil sir provided good guidance in this aspect. On the management aspect, since it was my first internship outside of home, living by myself, I needed to organise my time and resources so as to meet the deadlines set by the mentors which aligned well with the development work in motion. All in all, it helped me mould myself into someone with better programming and management skills, which led me to being placed as a Software Development Engineer at Accolite, which is a service based company providing services, to some of the biggest financial names in the world - Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, among others. I am very thankful to the eSim team to help me shape myself as the person I am today.

- Neel Shah,

FOSSEE Fellow 2019