My name is Anjali Jaiswal, I am studying Computer Science And Engineering from NIT Durgapur, I had got the opportunity to work on eSim as an internee in summers. Working on eSim was really interesting and I learned a lot working on it. Experience gained working on eSim helped me in my interviews for placements either on-campus or off-campus. I secured placement through campus for the role of Advanced Application Engineering Analyst at Accenture. The best part was mentors and managers were really helpful and understanding. It was indeed the best opportunity so far. Thank you.

- Anjali Jaiswal

FOSSEE Fellow 2019

It had been useful for implementing what we have studied in our courses. It was very handy and simple to proceed !! Please add more simulation and modelling features with which it can become a very popular and useful engineering tool.

- Sri Kumaran M

Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College (SREC)

eSim was a very useful EDA tool for the electronics engineers with great features like Subcircuit builder, nghdl,PCB designing etc. It was great pleasure working on ESIM in making many subcircuits and testing nghdl features. Our mentors were really helpful in clarifying doubts and encouraged us to do the tasks by keeping us motivated.Summer fellowship on esim is really helpful for the undergraduates to gain industrial experience.

- Mallikarjuna Reddy

FOSSEE Fellow 2019


It is always a great experience doing projects in eSim and it will be a very great tool to all the students who are very keen in doing the technical stuff on there own. It has shown me a way of creating your own IC's i.e. Sub-circuit which was a really great one and I never thought I would make one. It, however, built my confidence and also had added great value to my education as well. Thank you and best wishes.

- Irfan Yakub Ali Mohd

Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Science

This software helps me to design the simulation lab experiments for my students.

- Atin Mukherjee