Circuit Simulation Project

Note: There is a change in the honorarium policy wef. 10 August 2020, click here for details.

FOSSEE, IIT Bombay, invites students, faculty and practitioners of electrical and electronics and allied fields to the Circuit Simulation project using eSim.  We want you to convert existing circuit design and simulations into eSim through the following steps and get honoraria and certificates:

  1. Download eSim by clicking on this link.
  2. Install and learn to use eSim through these Spoken Tutorials.
  3. Take any circuit (from a previous project report, textbook or a journal) and rebuild it using eSim.
  4. A few sample are available at Completed Simulations
  5. To send the completed circuit simulations and further help, please contact us at: contact-esim[at]fossee[dot]in
  6. If you need any assistance our team will help you with other formalities, such as registering on our web page, documenting your simulations, uploading it, etc.