FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2024

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Last updated on: 28 March 2024

The FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2024 may be offered physically (on-site) or online(remotely). The FOSSEE team will contact the selected candidates through emails.


  • This fellowship task has been divided into 2 Screening Tasks, out of which the participants need to submit at least one task.
  • For any queries, email to with the subject line as "FSF 2024 eSim - Query".


  • To download and install eSim, click here.
  • Click here for resources under eSim.


Propose circuit simulations you wish to implement in eSim v2.3 or eSim v2.4 under Circuit Simulation Project.

  1. Please make sure that the proposed circuits are not available in the eSim Website, and the examples provided with eSim.

  2. Your proposal will be reviewed and approved/disapproved (within one working day). Only after receiving the approval of your proposal through email, can you proceed to attempt the task.

  3. The proposed circuits may be both Analog and Digital.

  4. To propose the circuits click here.

Technical Requirements:

Knowledge of analog and digital electronics. Familiarity with eSim and its features.

Procedure to Submit:

  • Click here to submit.

  • Inform us by sending a mail to with the subject line "eSim Fellowship 2024 Submission Task 1" with the proposal details.

Evaluation Criteria:

The following criteria will be considered while evaluating the circuit simulation:

  • complexity of the circuit

  • accuracy of simulation results obtained

  • number of the circuits successfully completed

As the screening task to get selected, you need to figure out the various problems faced while installing eSim-2.4 on Ubuntu 23 and above systems. Please ensure that you use the technologies mentioned. Please follow the submission procedure and go through the evaluation criteria carefully while submitting the task.



The task involves to figure out the dependency issues while installing eSim 2.4 on Ubuntu 23.04 and fix at least one of the issues. 



  1. You need to have Ubuntu 23.04 installed on your system(You may use a Virtual Box).

  2. Download and try installing eSim-2.4 on Ubuntu 23.04 machine from here.

  3. List down the problems you would be facing while installing eSim, for example you may get stuck while eSim installs llvm.

  4. Look into the script and try making some changes to fix an error.

  5. If the problem is not fixed, you may comment out some part of the script so that you may move on to the next bug

  6. You may need to refer to the various resources

  7. Create a well documented report of the problems you have faced while installing eSim and mention the steps in detail and the measures you have taken to fix them

Note: Fixing at least one issue is desirable


Technologies to be used:

  1. Bash Script

  2. Python

  3. eSim

  4. Spoken Tutorial on Git

  5. Ubuntu 23.04 OS


Submission Procedure:

  1. Create a GiHub Account

  2. Fork the eSim Repository

  3. Checkout to the installer branch

  4. Commit the code files here

  5. Share back the link for your forked repository and the documented report by the below-mentioned deadline by mail to Inform us by sending a mail to with the subject line "eSim Fellowship 2024 Submission Task 2" with the proposal details.


Evaluation criteria:

  1. Quality of documentation

(For example – On visiting your repository, any user should understand the details of the bugs/issues, methodology, steps involved in fixing the bugs, etc.)

  1. Number of issues reported

  2. Number of issues fixed

  3. The difficulty level of the problems fixed(For example: A dependency issue which interrupts the installation of the main GUI of eSim will be given higher weightage than those which interrupts the installation of smaller blocks like NgVeri, etc.)