Installing eSim on Windows

To install eSim on windows you have to follow the given steps. 1. Download eSim from website 2. Extract file. 3. Open eSim-Windows-Installer folder right click on Setup file and run as administration. 4. Click Yes and Next to complete the installation. 5. eSim icon will be created on deskop. 6. Double click to run eSim.

Installing eSim on Ubuntu

To install eSim on Ubuntu please follow the below steps :

1. Go to Downloads section of and download eSim for Ubuntu.

2. Type Ctrl+Alt+t to open command terminal.

3. Change the directory where zip files is downloaded using cd . command. cd path-to-zipfile

4. unzip the zip file using below command. unzip zip-file-name

5. Change to eSim folder using cd command

6. Type below command to install eSim. ./ --install