eSim Web app and Online Ngspice simulator are two web apps developed by the FOSSEE Team. You can avail all the functionalities of eSim and Ngspice without actually installing these applications on your system.

1. eSim WebApp

eSim web application is based on a free/libre and open source project webtronix. It is a web based circuit simulator where a user creates circuit schematic on the browser and sends the circuit information to the server. The ngspice simulator simulates the circuit on the server and sends back the results to the browser. The output of the circuit is then displayed on the browser. User can save the circuit in svg format and can import it whenever required.

eSim WebApp

2. Online Ngspice-simulator

The Online Ngspice simulator allows a user to write the netlist. The simulation is run on the remote server and result is send back to browser for analysis and visualisation.

Online Ngspice simulator