Procedure for Textbook Companion Project

Textbook Companion Project

The procedure is as follows:

1. To learn eSim, go through the documentation provided at eSim Resources.

2. You should propose three books in the order of your preference, using the proposal form available here.You have to create a new account and login to access the proposal form.

  • Please make sure that the books you are proposing are not already Completed or In Progress, under this project. Click on Completed Books and Books in Progress to see the respective lists.
  • Along with the proposal, you have to upload one sample example from one of the proposed books. The file should be in .zip or .tgz file format.

3. You will be intimated about the approval or rejection of your proposal via email.

4. After allotment, start creating schematics and perform simulation of all the solved simulation examples from the book.

5. After Completing the simulation of all solved examples, upload the project files on the interface. You should fill all the TBC forms and post it to us. All the required forms are available in this link

Note: Lack of regularity on your part may force us to cancel your TBC. Later the book will be assigned to another contributor.

6. After the approval of the proposal, the whole project should be submitted within two months.

7. Review of the book - The review of the book will typically take approximately 10 days to finish. If any example does not produce the desired result during review process, the student will have to recheck and resubmit the examples.

8. Candidates who finish the book as per specified procedures will get a certificate. You will also be awarded an honorarium of Rs. 2500 for completing the Textbook Companion. For details please click here.

For any further query or clarification, please contact us at the following email address: