Textbook Companion FAQ's

Queries regarding Textbook companion.

1. What is Textbook Companion?
The Textbook Companion aims to generate an online collection of eSim based circuit simulations for worked out examples and select exercise problems from standard textbooks.

2. Which book can I choose?
Any book containing solved circuit analysis and circuit simulation examples can be chosen for creating TBC.

3. Are there any restrictions on the books which can be selected?
The applicant has to ensure that the proposed book has not already been completed or is being completed currently by any other contributor. The list of completed books and books in progress is available on the website. Please note that the responsibility of avoiding such a scenario bears with the contributor.

4. What is the minimum number of examples a book should have?
The book should have at least 25 examples.Please note that you should complete all the examples in the chosen book.

5. Who is eligible for TBC?
Students pursuing graduation from various colleges are eligible for this TBC.

6. What are the prerequisites for applying for the TBC?
There are no prerequisites for applying for the TBC. The student should be comfortable with eSim software environment. eSim resources are available for self-learning. Please visit: http://esim.fossee.in/resources/tutorials

7. What is the deadline for the TBC?
The TBC should be completed within 2 months after approving the book. The simulation exercises can be uploaded in multiple groups (e.g. chapter wise) before the deadline. Applicants may contact us at contact-esim@fossee.in, if the deadline needs to be changed. Please note that the extension of the deadline for the completion of the TBC will be considered only in case of genuine reasons.

8. Can the allotted TBC be cancelled in any circumstances?
Yes. failure to meet the deadline, poor performance and badgering the eSim team are some of the reasons as to why the TBC could be cancelled. No partial payment will be made in such a case.

9. Can more than one student work on the same book?
No, more than one student cannot work on the same book.

10. Is it necessary to come to IIT Bombay for completing the TBC?
No, There is no need to come to IIT Bombay at any phase of the TBC. All the correspondence will be carried out via emails and/or postal services.

Queries regarding book proposal & coding

1. How many books can I propose?
Initially, an applicant can propose 3 books. One of the proposed books will then be allotted for creating Textbook companion.

2.. Can I mail my book proposal?
No, you are required to use the TBC proposal interface.

3. Can I propose a book that has been completed or is under progress as a different edition?
No, you cannot propose a book that has either been completed or is under progress as a different edition.

4. Do I need to know eSim before I submit my book proposal?
Yes, you musy know eSim. A sample eSim project file should be uploaded along with the TBC proposal. eSim resources are available at http://esim.fossee.in/resources/tutorials

5. Can I refer to some solved examples?
Yes, you can. The solved examples for completed books under TBC activity are available for free download.

6. How many days does it take to get final approval of the book?
It takes three days to get final approval of book from the day you submit your TBC proposal. Please contact us only if you haven't heard from us in 7 days.

Queries regarding TBC forms and honorarium

1. When do I submit the TBC forms?
You can submit the forms once the review for the examples of the entire textbook has been completed and your solutions have been approved.

2. Is there a deadline for submitting the Textbook Companion forms?
Yes, the Textbook Companion forms should be submitted within two months after the final submission.

3. How long does it take to receive my Honorarium?
If you do not get your money within 45 days after submitting your forms, please get in touch with us we shall be happy to assist you. If there are problems with the submitted code, naturally, there will be delays.

4. Why is there a delay in my Honorarium payment?
On submission of a Textbook Companion, the review process involves several checks including but not limited to:-

a. Incorrect simulation output.
b. Completeness of the book missing parts (or) sections of the solutions.
c. Plagiarism.

In this regards, we test EVERY solution of EVERY participant thoroughly. As there are many participants involved in this activity, this verification process takes considerable amount of time. Moreover, dispatch of Government money requires approvals from the Dean's Office, Accounts Office, etc., which also takes some time. Due to the above listed reasons, immediate acceptance of a Textbook Companion and processing of payment gets delayed.

5. What about intellectual rights of the TBC?
The copyrights for TBC should be handed over in writing to FOSSEE Project. The name of the contributor of TBC will be published on the website. The TBC will be available for free download on eSim website.

6. Can I propose more books after completion?
Yes, you are welcome to propose more books. Please encourage your friends to take part in this TBC.

7. I have finished one or more textbook companions already. Is there any other activity I can participate in?
You can take part in the Lab Migration Activity (http://esim.fossee.in/lab-migration-project) and the Textbook Companion for Python (http://fossee.in/deliverables)

8. Where do I get a one rupee revenue stamp? How does a revenue stamp look like?
You can buy a one rupee revenue stamp from the Post Office.

9. Whom do I contact in case I still have a doubt?
You can contact the eSim team at contact-esim@fossee.in.