FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2018


The registrations for FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2018 are closed.

For a complete list of projects under FOSSEE fellowship, visit FOSSEE fellowship page.

Important Dates: Click here to know the important dates.
Please note that these deadlines override the deadlines given in the individual pages of each project.
Screening Level Tasks: (Please choose any one of the following tasks as per your interest)

Task 1 (Circuit Simulation):

Complete 5 circuit simulations using eSim

  1. Download eSim.
  2. To learn eSim, you can refer to the Spoken Tutorials on eSim and the eSim user manual. For additional information on tools used in eSim, you can refer to Spoken Tutorials on KiCad and Ngspice.
  3. Please fill this form to propose 5 circuit simulations. We no longer are accepting any proposals.
  4. Please make sure that the circuits proposed are not under the Completed CircuitsCircuit Simulations in progress and Proposals under Fellowship.
  5. Your proposal will be reviewed and approved/disapproved (within one working day).
  6. After receiving the approval of your proposal through email id, you can proceed to complete the simulation.

Procedure for submitting the completed circuits:

  • You will receive an email with the subject line "FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2018 - Submission".
  • Click here to visit the submission portal and login with your username and password given in the email.
  • Select eSim under 'My Courses' section to submit the task(s).

Technical Requirements: Basics of electronic circuits. 
Evaluation Criteria for task 1:
The completed tasks will be evaluated on the basis of:

  1. The complexity of the circuit.
  2. Use of proper sources or references.
  3. Use of Subcircuit Builder and Device Modelling features of eSim can improve your chances of selection for the fellowship.

Note: If not selected for the fellowship, you are still eligible for Circuit Simulation Project certificate and honorarium upon successful completion of the circuits. Honorarium amount depends on the quality and complexity of the circuits.

Task 2 (Socket Programming):

This task has been moved to FOSSEE Web Development. If you wish to contribute to this, kindly write to us at info[at]fossee[dot]in for registrations.

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