FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2021

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Last updated on: 16th April 2021



Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and travel restrictions placed by IIT Bombay, the FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2021 will be offered remotely.



We are looking for interns with good understanding of microcontroller architecture and excellent programming skills in C to contribute towards strengthening the microcontroller simulation feature of an EDA tool developed at IIT Bombay.

Important Dates: Please refer


Screening Task : Part A MCQ test on C, assembly programming languages, microcontroller architecture.

A computer based test consisting of multiple choice questions(MCQs) will be conducted. Questions in the test will be from the following areas:

  1. C programming language
  2. Assembly programming language basics
  3. Microcontroller architecture basics and peripherals like Timers, ADC
  4. Interface protocols: I2C, SPI, UART, USB
  5. Digital logic design and Hardware Descriptive Language (HDL) basics

Technical Requirements:

C, assembly, microcontrollers, Interface protocols, basics of digital logic design.

Screening Task : Part B Simulate circuits using NGHDL feature.

Simulate 2 circuits using NGHDL feature of eSim. Write a VHDL code for your logic design element(s), and using NGHDL feature of eSim, use these elements to simulate digital or mixed-signal circuits. Examples selected should not be a copy/variation of examples supplied with the eSim software. With every example you must enclose a minimum one-page PDF document which contains the abstract of the project.

Technical Requirements:

  1. Digital Logic Design
  2. VHDL


Procedure to Submit:

  1. For the format of the abstract, you have to follow the format described here:
  2. Create a GitHub repository and upload your eSim projects on this repository, submit the link to your repository before the deadline. Send the link of your GitHub repository to with the subject line FOSSEE Fellowship 2021 screening task submission.
  3. Refer to the NOTE section at the end of the page for deadlines.

Evaluation Criteria:

Following factors will be considered while evaluating the submitted projects:

  1. Both the tasks are mandatory.
  2. The performance of the candidate in the MCQ test as well as the submitted projects will be used as a criterion to select the interns.
  3. Weightage for selecting candidates will be as following:
    • 70% on the score obtained in the MCQ test [Screening Task: Part A] and
    • 30% on the projects submitted [As a requirement of Screening Task : Part B] .